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Online Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to to the advertisements that appear within and alongside listings on a search engine results page (SERP). The cost for having ads appear on a SERP depends on two things: keywords and cost-per-click (CPC). The CPC is identifyed by the cost of single keywords, which exist as part of a bigger bidding system. Some keywords are more expensive than others, which is the main reason why PPC keyword research is essential for determining certain target keywords.

I exactly understand how essential is a role pay-per-click advertisements in SEO. I'm providing wide-range PPC services as a part of online marketing services. Some of my PPC strategies contains the creation and optimization of ads, management of your budget, analysis and monthly reporting.

Developing PPC Strategy

Online marketing is changing rapidly and often. PPC ads demands everyday adjustments, I will assess individual needs and continually monitor the bidding process and placement of keywords.

Every complex search engine marketing campaigns should include PPC advertising. Rightly implementing PPC strategies is an basic function to internet marketing optimization and, if done properly, can pay its dividends in brand advertising, CTR, and most importantly, conversions. However, PPC services offer the ability to control how much you want to spend and where you want to be ranked.

PPC Campaign Strategy

An effective PPC strategy can also help with keyword research in SEO campaign as well. This facilitates words to be tested for their conversion rates in paid listings. Choose the keywords that perform best and provide their placement in an SEO campaign to reach optimal search engine rankings.

It is necessary to keep in mind that as your competition employs more PPC strategies as part of their internet marketing campaigns, the competition will only become more fierce. Optimizing with my services to increase and solidify CTR and conversions is essential to staying one step ahead of the competition and ensuring business remains powerful.

"I already have a website. I want it to get me more business"

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website is getting new visitors as you read this paragraph. How much of them are turning into leads? Conversion optimization is the process through which I can help you increase the number of visitors who become your future customers.

1) I start by taking a look at website traffic on your pages. It is important to secure that every page is receiving traffic from the correct sources. For example your home page should not be getting traffic from searches for all of your products or services. Instead, each type of service or product should have it's own landing page. That way, your users will immediately find what they are looking for and are more likely to take an action such as purchase a product or request your services.
2) Next I will reduce the number of calls-to-action to a minimum and make sure that they connect with the potential purpose of the user that has come through the landing page.
3) I reduce the number of visual disturbing elements on the page to focus the user's eyes on what will turn them into your next customer.
4) On each landing page, I wonder to ensure that the messaging on the page is clear and matches the types of searches that would lead users to find the page in the first place.

"Never let your campaigns write checks that your website can’t cash."

Email Marketing

Make the most of your list of subscribers through an optimized email marketing strategy.

I will execute your regular email marketing campaign for you.

Managed campaign offers are simple and comfortable outsourcing solution for those who need experienced and dependable resources to prepare and deliver their email campaigns.

Working to your creative scheduling and brief I will take the burden and make sure your campaigns are executed to your specifications, on-budget and on-time.

A personal contact for the outsourced execution of your campaigns
Import and quality review of your contact data
Personalised email design based on your own company branding
Content layout with inclusion and formatting of your copy and images
Pre-delivery creative review including approval and sign-off
Inbox previewing and pre-delivery testing
High priority scheduling to meet your own timetable requirements
Post-campaign evaluation focusing on key delivery metrics

Online marketing is an increasingly specialised area where actual trends, technology and best practice change rapidly. Practical skills and specific experiences are called for and it’s a common challenge to find expert leadership on individual strategy or practical help with implementation




Fresh ideas

Fresh ideas

In providing creative and innovative design for my clients I create practical solutions to their needs. My varied client base is the key to my creativity and original design.

Years of experience

Years of experience

As a graphic designer for over 10 years, I have provided professional graphic design services on a full spectrum of projects for a variety of businesses - on time and on budget.

Comprehensive services

Comprehensive services

Full service capabilities include complete online and offline graphic design services followed by print, e-marketing, copywriting etc. (see the services section).

Reasonable prices

Reasonable prices

I handle any task in minimum time for a very good price. I also offer a discount if you need multiple things done at once. I create individual calculations.

Satisdaction guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee

I design my proposals in a way that you are always engaged in the process and we will take your feedback and collaborate with you at each step.


I offer high-quality and addordable freelance design services that extend from strategy & planning, design and development, through to launch and support.

Firemní identita


Great branding is more than a logo. It´s the DNA which identify and represents your product or company in the costumer´s mind. I exactly know how to do that.

Grafické práce


Good design must go beyond aesthetics. When I make design, I don’t rest on the assumption that my opinions are the best ones until I try all possibilities.

Návrhy tiskovin


I create the superb designs for a wide range of printed materials. Should you need your designs printed? I have a network of contractual printers.


Web design

I design professional and modern websites which are easy to navigate, performs brilliantly in search engines and work perfectly on all modern devices.