If you are looking for a freelance graphic designer and webdesigner, I´m your guy.

Advert Design

I provide professional advertising design services for any company and promotional needs. Whether you need magazine ad design, newspaper ad design or online advertising design services, I have the expertise to provide attractive and unique ads that deliver sales results!

"There’s nothing more expensive than an ad that doesn’t drive action."

For any advertising campaign, be it the smallest of adverts to a billboard size campaign, to be very successful it needs to grab the viewers attention, while providing the correct information, ensuring interest is kept and then finally provoking some sort of desire or call to action. Combine that with our strategic planning and artistic orientation guarantee our advertising design services get ahead every step of the way, creating attractive content to attract your potential clients.

If you have advertised before, you'll understand the magnitude of making sure your advert design is prepared on time and to a high standard for the deadlines that arise from last minute deals with your regular press. I provide quick solutions on advert design to beat your deadlines without decreasing quality.

If you have never advertised before and are a little confused by the required file types, dpi requirements and crop and bleed marks, you can trust in my long time experiences with the required specifications and put the creativity into your advertising design.

"The main thing about your advert is that it needs to be memorable. A professional advert design can make all the difference between your campaign being a success or not."

Print advertising (newspapers, magazines) can be linked well with all your other marketing channels. I will make sure that my designs remain consistent with your brand guidelines.

Newspaper and magazine advertisment are not the only types of my advert design. I also produce static and dynamic web displays.
Online display advertising approach truly is the intersection of art and science. I strengthen brand cognizance and drive measurable results by combining eye-catching, interactive design with advanced analytical and targeted media buying tactics.

Clients are more clever than they’ve ever been and spend more time looking for information. It’s probably that potential customers visiting your site for the first time aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. If they leave your site and you aren’t doing anything to get them back, they may not come back. But display advertising has the ability to keep your services or products top-of-mind for the potential customer and even take them back to your site.

My display solutions work by placing your ads in front of surfers who are looking for something similar to your services and products, or have previously visited your website. In some cases, people will click-through the banner ad. Others may return to your site sometime later simply because your comapany stays in their heads.

Why use Dynamic Banner Adverts?

Set product advertising content according to the target audience.
Allow consumers to interact and become involved with product features using filters within the advert.
Generate web traffic to your e-commerce website with increased conversion.
Product or service data updates directly from e-commerce website - no need to reconfigure advertising.
Whole product inventories can be displayed within the one banner if required.
Receive useful marketing data on consumer product interactions and sales.




Fresh ideas

Fresh ideas

In providing creative and innovative design for my clients I create practical solutions to their needs. My varied client base is the key to my creativity and original design.

Years of experience

Years of experience

As a graphic designer for over 10 years, I have provided professional graphic design services on a full spectrum of projects for a variety of businesses - on time and on budget.

Comprehensive services

Comprehensive services

Full service capabilities include complete online and offline graphic design services followed by print, e-marketing, copywriting etc. (see the services section).

Reasonable prices

Reasonable prices

I handle any task in minimum time for a very good price. I also offer a discount if you need multiple things done at once. I create individual calculations.

Satisdaction guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee

I design my proposals in a way that you are always engaged in the process and we will take your feedback and collaborate with you at each step.


I offer high-quality and addordable freelance design services that extend from strategy & planning, design and development, through to launch and support.

Firemní identita


Great branding is more than a logo. It´s the DNA which identify and represents your product or company in the costumer´s mind. I exactly know how to do that.

Grafické práce


Good design must go beyond aesthetics. When I make design, I don’t rest on the assumption that my opinions are the best ones until I try all possibilities.

Návrhy tiskovin


I create the superb designs for a wide range of printed materials. Should you need your designs printed? I have a network of contractual printers.


Web design

I design professional and modern websites which are easy to navigate, performs brilliantly in search engines and work perfectly on all modern devices.