If you are looking for a freelance graphic designer and webdesigner, I´m your guy.


Each contract is unique, so it is not possible to set uniform prices. However, I have created at least this price list with several selected services and products to get a better idea of the approximate cost of your future projects. The price of each contract is calculated individually, according to its complexity and scope. If you are interested in the design price for your product, do not be afraid to ask for a price calculation.



One-sided business card - from 350 CZK
Double-sided business card - from 500 CZK
Envelope - from 500 CZK
Magazine/newspaper ad - from 500 CZK
Letterhead - from 750 CZK
Greeting card, invitation card, announcement - from 750 CZK
Leaflet one-sided - from 750 CZK
Leaflet double-sided - from 1 250 CZK
Poster - from 1 250 CZK
Roll-up, banner - from 1 250 CZK
Product packaging - from 1 500 CZK
Billboard - from 1 750 CZK
Citylight - from 1 750 CZK
Catalogs, brochures, annual reports (envelope) - from 2 000 CZK
Catalogs, brochures, annual reports (internal sheet) - from 250 CZK



Logo/Logotype - from 3 500 CZK
Basic graphic manual - from 2 500 CZK
Advanced graphic manual - from 5 000 CZK
Corporate identity (professional graphics manual) - from 10 000 CZK



Static web banner - from 350 CZK
Dynamic (animoated) banner - from 700 CZK
Newsletter and e-mail - from 1 500 CZK
One-page webdesign - from 3 000 CZK
Web presentation graphic design - from 5 000 CZK
E-shop design - from 7 500 CZK

PPC campaign adjustment (Google AdWords, Seznam.cz Sklik, Facebook) - from 900 CZK
PPC campaign monthly management (Google AdWords, Seznam.cz Sklik, Facebook) - from 900 CZK
Social network profile management - according to its complexity and scope
Web site management - according to its complexity and scope



Product photo - 500 CZK/hour
Product photo editing - from 100 CZK/piece
Copywriting 250 CZK/hour
Language correction - 100 CZK/page



My basic hourly rate is 350 - 500 CZK per hour according to the difficulty and scope.



It represents a reward for graphic design and time if the client does not choose the proposal for finishing. The price reflects the creative effort the designer has put into the design (at most 30% of the expected price of the work).

I am not a VAT payer - all listed prices are final.