If you are looking for a freelance graphic designer and webdesigner, I´m your guy.


Together with logo design services, I will help you to build your company brand which will give you a competitive advantage and make your business more memorable to your customers. A brand reflects the customers perception of your business.

Branding is much more than the creation of a logo design, typeface, colors or company name. A quality brand identity is the collected principles and visual elements that make up your company’s public face. It paints a picture of your business and tells the clients what you’re all about, what you do, your opinions and how you represent your company.

I’m pride of myself in my ability to provide you with a superior graphic communication. In graphics and media I can create and / or strengthen your company identity through most mediums, presenting it via print and web.

"A brand is an experience living at the intersection of promise and expetation."

Does your existing brand feel outdated and not attracting customers like it used to?

Sometimes you step back and take a look at your company and are shocked. It isn’t representative of who you are any more, looks old-fashioned and you find out you need a complete business rebranding.

"Brands so powerful people can't get them out of their heads."

My rebranding services aim to relocate your business to the place you want to be. It could be that your company has matured and changed direction or it could be you simply want to attract a higher calibre of client. It could be that your company is no longer preferred by client base. Through my company rebranding services we’ll work together to get clients back, restore their trust and increase your success.



Stand out from the Crowd

You may feel your company needs rebranding because you don’t stand out from the crowd. My services will help you differentiate from your competitors.

Unify Goals

If your business has changed its orientation then you need to represent this through your brand. Company rebranding will unify your business common goal or promise to clients.

Move away from Negatives

Perhaps there has been negative feedback for your company and therefore your appearance has suffered. Rebranding gives you the chance to have a second chance at it and be reborn in a new design that clients will want to come back to.

Bring the Loyalty Back

If you’ve lost a crucial customers to a competitor company rebranding service can return them back! Working with me and you can pinpoint the customer base you’ve lost and your rebranding can be designed to target them in particular.

Refresh and Reinvigorate

If your brand is simply looking tired and out-fashioned then that’s a good argument to invest in business rebranding services. You need to be at the top of your game to keep clients on board and to appear fresh and interestingly to new costumers.



Fresh ideas

Fresh ideas

In providing creative and innovative design for my clients I create practical solutions to their needs. My varied client base is the key to my creativity and original design.

Years of experience

Years of experience

As a graphic designer for over 10 years, I have provided professional graphic design services on a full spectrum of projects for a variety of businesses - on time and on budget.

Comprehensive services

Comprehensive services

Full service capabilities include complete online and offline graphic design services followed by print, e-marketing, copywriting etc. (see the services section).

Reasonable prices

Reasonable prices

I handle any task in minimum time for a very good price. I also offer a discount if you need multiple things done at once. I create individual calculations.

Satisdaction guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee

I design my proposals in a way that you are always engaged in the process and we will take your feedback and collaborate with you at each step.


I offer high-quality and addordable freelance design services that extend from strategy & planning, design and development, through to launch and support.

Firemní identita


Great branding is more than a logo. It´s the DNA which identify and represents your product or company in the costumer´s mind. I exactly know how to do that.

Grafické práce


Good design must go beyond aesthetics. When I make design, I don’t rest on the assumption that my opinions are the best ones until I try all possibilities.

Návrhy tiskovin


I create the superb designs for a wide range of printed materials. Should you need your designs printed? I have a network of contractual printers.


Web design

I design professional and modern websites which are easy to navigate, performs brilliantly in search engines and work perfectly on all modern devices.